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  • Product Name: PC41

    Chemical Name :1,3,5-tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydro-s-triazine (s-triazine)

    CAS No : 15875-13-5

    Specification :




    Colorless liquid

                    Liquid Nitrogen

    17% - 18%





    Uses: It is used in the catalysis of PU and PIR, and offer higher selective activity to PU than PIR. Used in Laminated plate, spraying, molding, energy absorption foam craft, or in the porous PU and high elasticity foam products, or PIR board, HCFC-141b, R22, hydrocarbons (eg .pentane, cyclopentane, etc.), block foam and water-blown.


    Packing : in 180kgs net drum

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