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  • detailed description
  • Product Name: Antioxidant DSTDP

    Chemical Name: Distearyl thiodipropionate

    CAS NO.: 693-36-7





    White granular powder

                      Melting range

    63.5 - 68.5



    Acid value

    0.05 mgKOH/g

                      Heating loss


              Saponification value

    160 -170 mgKOH/g


    Use: It is one efficient antioxidant for Plastics, Rubber, synthetic Fiber, Fat and Oils, Petroleum products.

    Mainly used in PE, PP, ABS, HIPS, Polyester and polyamide. Efficient stabilizer for polyolefins, particularly 

    PP and HDPE.It is quite often used as a synergist in combination with phenolic antioxidants.It decomposes 

    and neutralizes hydroperoxides, formed by auto-oxidation of polymers. It has been approved for use in some 

    food packaging applications.


    Packing: in 25kgs net bag


    Storage: Store the products in dry place, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.

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