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  • Product Name: Light Stabilizer-944 (UV 944)

    Chemical Name: Poly {[6[(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)amino]-1,3,5-triazine



    CAS NO.: 70624-18-9





    White powder or granule

                      Volatile matter

                                      1.0 %


    425nm ≥ 93% 


    500nm ≥ 95%



    Molecular weight (Mn)

    >2000 Mn


    Uses: It is one kind of high molecular Lighl stabilizer, with multiple functional groups .It can be used 

    in low density PE film, PP tape, EVA film, ABS, PP fiber PE, polyacetals ,polyamides,polyurethanes, 

    PVC, PVC blending material, polystyrene, rubber and viscose, It can work with uv adsorbent because 

    its special structutre and large molecular weight(3000).It also can be used in film and fiber.also can be 

    used as antioxidant and heat stabilizer of polymer, The dosage of agricultural film is 0.2%.

    Cautions: S or halogen may offer bad effects, or some stabilizer, insecticide and fire retardant may react 

    with 944, Please test before use.

    Packing: in 25kg net carton, or as customer's request


    Storage: Avoid high temp. and moisture.

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